Happy Happy Pizza! #10: Spider-man... Spider-man... baked him on a pizza pan... 
Happy Happy Pizza!

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The Saunderses are truly dedicated happy pizza craftsmen.. submitting no fewer than three amazing pizzas including "Mr. Splatface" pictured here.

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Pizza #10: The Amazing Spider-Man Pizza

Is that Tobey MacGuire under that cheese? After a long hiatus The Big Cheese is back, and this time I've got a super-powered pizza that is supposed to look like Spider-Man. Give this sucker a try and see if you can do better!

(Yes, I realise that this looks more like a Power Ranger or some kind of discoloured alien, but please bear with me here.)

See, it was my son's third birthday and his favorite super hero is Spider-Man. How could I resist attempting to create Spidey's famous webby face on a pizza in a hastily-planned creative flurry of olive oil and cheese?

First I grabbed a Spider-Man action figure for inspiration. Yikes! Right away I know the webbing on the face would be a problem. So I thought "red-and-black" means "tomato-and-black olives"! I grabbed two bowls, some olive oil, some tomatoes, black olives, garlic, basil and parsley and proceeded to make two pestos, if you can call them that, by finely chopping the ingredients and making a black concoction and a red one.

Note that in hindsight I should have run these through the food processor to make them into more of a paste. Then I could have used a cake-decorating tip to apply the pastes and acheived the web effect I was after. Give it a try yourself and send in the results!

With the red-and-black ready to go I proceeded to cut-out a face shape from a pre-made pizza crust and added tomato sauce, shredded 4-cheese blend, and I outlined the eyes with the black olive mixture.

Finally I spent a painstaking amount of time attempting to "draw" the webbed mask on Spider-Man's face by dribbling bits of the various mixtured on the pizza by hand. Oh- and I topped his eyes off with a bit of cream sauce to make them extra-white.

The result? Well as you can see for yourself the pizza only marginally looks like Spider-Man. So I thought the true measure of whether I had acheived my goal would be to show the pizza to my son and see if his three-year-old eyes could see Spider-Man in this pizza. He knew it was a face. He knew it had eyes. Sadly, he could not identify his favorite super hero. I'll have to give this effort a 4/10.

Was it a total failure? Heck no! The pizza tasted delicious and hey, there's always next year!

This pizza is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice Chicago-style pizza, or deep dish pizza contains a crust which is formed up the sides of a deep dish pan. It reverses the order of ingredients, using crust, cheese, filling, then sauce on top. Some versions (usually referred to as "stuffed") have two layers of crust with the sauce on top. Deep dish pizza was purportedly invented and first served in 1943 at Pizzeria Uno, which is still operating along with its twin restaurant, Pizzeria Due, in the River North neighborhood.

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