Happy Happy Pizza! #8: Cheesy the snowman was a jolly happy soul... 
Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #6: Sammy's PizzaPizza #6: Sammy's Pizza
Samerah, Ria and Randa from this Calgary, Alberta pizza restaurant made the prettiest donair pizza you've ever seen.

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Where's the Cheese?
Another pizza from Brisbane, this one from "jane.b" who for some reason caused a chain-reaction of fantastic pizzas from Australia.

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Pizza #8: Cheesy The Snowman

Here he is: one slightly singed Cheesy the Snowman Yikes, here we are only weeks away from Christmas and I still have yet to post any new holiday pizzas to the site! Well fear not! For here is the first of what I hope will be several decent-looking creations from my own kitchen that should add some cheer to your next Christmas party.

3 steps to making a snowman pizza Exhibit "A" is Cheesy the Snowman (or Frosty the Cheeseman... whatever), pictured here on the left. I'm going to reverse my usual format and rate my own piza before going into the gory details. I'm going to give myself a 5/10. The dough was storebought, as was the sauce, and although the design held up for the most part, the cheese ended up too brown to have a truly snowy look.

So now the gory details:

First I used two 12-inch storebought pizza shells from Safeway (good for craft pizzas, but they taste like soda crackers... blech!). I cut-out a head, top hat and scarf from one shell and arranged them on a baking sheet. Next I covered the topheat area in a basil & garlic tomato sauce and I used a nice, white 5-cheese sauce for the body. Then I covered the face and body in a thin layer of mozzarella.

I diced olives for the top hat, buttons and smile. Two whole olives served as eyes. The striped on the scarf are tomato and basil leaves and the nose is a little wedge of tomato as well.

I baked it and watched it ever so closely but it was no use. I didn't want an underdone pizza, so I had to let it get a bit brown, but unfortunately I used slightly too much cheese and applied it a bit unevenly so instead of some slight browning all over I got little lumps of brown everywhere.

The solution? Well, I think that I was looking at this process too simplistically. You don't have to prep the whole thing and bake it all in one shot. What I should have done was added the cheese and the olives for the hat, baked it to 90% completion and then added a a little more cheese and the face and scarf details and finished baking it for 3-4 minutes. Then I'd have a thoroughly baked pizza and still kept the detail from the original design.

If I run out of Christmas ideas I may revisit Cheesy the Snowman and see if I have more success the second time 'round.

This pizza is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice In Sudan, national efforts in funding and diplomacy have been made in order to make pizza (pronounced [Bi-Dzah] locally) available at public restaurants. Currently, pizza can be obtained from certain cafes in private clubs, or via the black market.

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