Happy Happy Pizza! #4: twins conjoined at the face! ewww! 
Happy Happy Pizza!

smilies eating pizza

Happy & Emo Pizza FacesHappy & Emo Pizza Faces
One happy, one sad. These twin pizzas hail from San Fancisco where they served as models in a photoshoot on children and cooking.

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Big Sausage Pizza
This sausage-laden delight from Vancouver, Canada lost critical points for lacking a post-bake photo. Don't let this happen to you!

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Pizza #4: Joined at the face! Ewww, gross!

So, as The Big Cheese you'd think I'd be an expert on the wonderful and magical art of making a pizza smile. But, ashamed as I am to admit it, until recently I was a homemade pizzacraft virgin. That's right. Although I have been the biggest supporter on the web of smiling pizzas I had not attempted to make one myself until this past Saturday.

I was in a rush so I grabbed a pack of Olafson's 8" greek pita's for a quick crust, a container of Olivieri creamy tomato pasta sauce, a 4-cup bag of Kraft pizza cheese, a pack of Yves veggie pepperoni, and some assorted veggies.

I wanted to try more than one design. I started with a mushroom eyeballs topped with tomato-stuffed olive slices, an olive for a nose and green peppers for mouth and eyebrows. The first guy looked okay but was kind of ugly. I opted for a friendlier look on pizza #2 by generously using the Yves veggie pepperoni for most of the facial features and a red tomato end-slice for a nose.

My inital creativity was about to be foiled by 2 critical mistakes: 1) I used too much cheese and didn't take care that the pita-crusts were flattened out and 2) I used a crummy cookie-sheet instead of our pizza grill or pizza stone. The cookie sheet warped while baking and the hideous results are apparent below... conjoined twins!
You can almost hear them screaming... so creepy...

I'll rate myself a solid 2/10 on this one. The initial ideas were there, but the end result is more likely to make some scream in horror than squeal with delight. Hopefully my next attempt turns out better.
This pizza is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice Old Forge, Pennsylvania near Scranton is the self-styled "Pizza Capital of the World" because of its abundance of Italian restaurants specializing in pizza. The crust is thick, crisp, and airy. Depending on the maker, the dough may impart a flavor of beer, which is rumored to be an ingredient in some recipes. A special blend of cheeses besides traditional mozzarella is used, resulting in a less greasy texture and a smoother, sweeter taste. Old Forge Pizza is almost universally rectangular; only a rare few makers offer round pizza.

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