Happy Happy Pizza! #2: a perfect score! 
Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #2: A Perfect Score!

The Place Vern's Pizza
Phone: (403)215-3557  Web: www.vernspizza.com
Unit 27 - 15 Millrise Blvd. SW Calgary, AB Canada
The Pizza We ordered four different 15-inch pizzas and the owner gave us a "Smiley Special" and 2 large bottles of pop for free!
The Result Overall: 10 / 10 Fresh ingredients, killer service and a great smiley face to boot. It's our first perfect score!
Presentation: 10/10 All five of the pizzas we got looked like they came straight off a menu photo.
Creativity: 10/10 A face made of ground beef with green peppers for eyebrows and mushrooms for pupils.
Quality: 10/10 100% mozzarella, fresh-cut veggies, fresh handmade dough, great sauce... just awesome.
Taste: 10/10 We had over a dozen people try these pizzas and everyone agreed they were something special.

a Vern's smiley special You know the saying "less is more"? Well sometimes "more is more" and that's what we discovered today at Vern's Pizza. I have to admit I wasn't expecting someone to hit it out of the park so soon. Here we are only at pizza #2 and we already have our first-ever perfect score!

Like pizza #1, I sprang for lunch for the office. However this time I went all-out. I went to Vern's Pizza here in the south of Calgary and ordered four 15-inch pizzas: a "T-Rex", a "Mama Mia", a Taco pizza and a Veggie. Plus one additional pizza, of course: "give me a pizza with a smiley face on it."

I was being served by Alicetair Deogracias, the owner, and he had a great sense of humour about the whole thing. Not only did he put a wicked face on the pizza, he gave it to me for free! And check out the face: ground beef eyes and mouth, green pepper eyebrows and mushroom pupils! Even the way the cheese browned makes it look like it has a nose. Sweet!

Whoa!  Now that's a thick slice of pizza! And what you may not be able to tell from the photo is just how massive this pizza is. Underneath that cute smiling face are layers and layers of meat about an inch thick all piled on a sweet and spicy tomato sauce. You might think pizza like this would be greasy, but it's not. When we taste-tested these pizzas not one person said they were fatty or greasy. Some comments included "huge", "filling", "whoa!" and "ugghh... my stomach is going to explode... okay one more piece..."

Alicetair Deogracias Vern's Pizza is known for their titanic, belt-busting pizzas. One of their pizzas, the 18-inch "Mama Mia", tips the scales at well over ten pounds (that's over four-and-a-half kilos for you metric people). A single slice is a meal on it's own. And that's really a big part of what keeps the locals coming back to Vern's: they use top-quality ingredients and they put at least twice as much on their pizzas as anyone else. They sell by the slice as well and they also offer a 2-for-1 "lite" deal where you get the toppings spread-out on 2 crusts... but where's the fun in that?

Just how big are they? Well, when I brought these things back and we started chowing down two interesting things happened: half the people 1.sat down and 2. used a knife and fork. This isn't some paper-thin New York style pizza that you can suck back in five minutes, this is serious eating! Serious enough to make a bunch of ravenous office workers take the time to slow down and enjoy every bite. And what's more, after a hour of munching we still had half the pizza leftover.

If you want to try the biggest and best pizza in Southern Calgary, give Alicetair and the folks at Vern's Pizza a call at (403)215-3557.

This pizza is courtesy of The Big Cheese

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