Happy Happy Pizza! #1: the "schleppy" pizza 
Happy Happy Pizza!

smilies eating pizza

Pizza #5: Smilin' and Stylin'Pizza #5: Smilin' and Stylin'
A Dr. Oetker's frozen pizza gets taken to the next level by The Big Cheese himself. Behold the majesty!!!

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9/10 for Bugeyes
An instant classic from Brisbane, this crazy-looking pizza with its olive nostrils and carrot tongue has to be seen to be believed.

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Pizza #1

The Place Pizza Hut
15422 Bannister Rd SE Calgary, AB Canada
The Pizza One large Pepperoni Lover’s w. extra cheese. 18 bucks
The Result Overall: 3.5 / 10 ugly but tasty
Presentation: 2/10 cheese was overbrowned on top, resulting in a scorched face on our pizza
Creativity: 2/10 well, they followed our directions at least!
Quality: 6/10 it was ready fast, but it was delivered without pizzaz
Taste: 4/10 nothing special… it’s pizza hut pepperoni and cheese… but hey everybody likes it

pepperoni lover's from pizza hut! Since this is the first pizza on the site, I thought I would start with the pizza place everyone in the western world knows and loves: Pizza Hut. I picked a suburban Pizza Hut on the southern outskirts of Calgary.

A lunchtime pizza, I left the office with a coworker at 11:30 to be sure we could get the pizza back to the office by noon.

Arriving so early, staff was just trickling in. Most of them were bleary-eyed and looked worse for wear.

“Serge” took the order. He didn’t flinch at the special request: “… put a happy face on it and let me take a picture of the pizza before you cut it.” I offered to pay for the extra pepperoni he said not to worry about it. He took the time to go into the back and ensure that the staff knew about the special instructions.

During our wait, a busty, heavyset blonde schlepped in and started her shift. I didn’t catch her name so let’s call her “Schleppy”. Serge told her about our special instructions and left to take care of something in the restaurant area. So the pizza was presented by Schleppy with no enthusiasm whatsoever she slapped the pizza on the counter. Considering I pre-tipped them four bucks when I paid, she could have at least smiled or something. I managed to convince her to tilt the pan up for 5 seconds so I could take my photo, so that was at least something. We took it back to the office where it was enjoyed by all.

Oh well, all in all it was an ugly pizza but a tasty one.
This pizza is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice In South Korea, kimchi and bulgogi are used as toppings, as well as many of the toppings used in Japan. In addition, sweet potato puree in a circular ring near the edge of the crust is very popular. Tabasco sauce is often used as a condiment to cater to Koreans' general love for spicy flavor.

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