Happy Happy Pizza! Such a tragedy... all that wasted mozzarella... it never had a chance. (sniff)  
Happy Happy Pizza!

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Happy & Emo Pizza FacesHappy & Emo Pizza Faces
One happy, one sad. These twin pizzas hail from San Fancisco where they served as models in a photoshoot on children and cooking.

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Big Sausage Pizza
This sausage-laden delight from Vancouver, Canada lost critical points for lacking a post-bake photo. Don't let this happen to you!

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Comment on a National Tragedy

If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you know as well as I do the horrible tragedy that just took place in the United States. In light of this devastating occurence I'm going to break the mold of my normally light-hearted happy pizza commentary and address this situation that has affected us all. Here is the latest:

Truck accident covers Chicago Skyway with mozzarella
April 22, 2007 - The eastbound lanes of the Chicago Skyway were closed near the toll plaza Sunday morning because of a truck accident which has spilled a large quantity of cheese across the roadway.
Police say the accident split open the trailer of a semi hauling mozzarella and caused the cheese to spill out across the pavement. No one was reported injured in the crash, but emergency workers had to close off the lanes to clean up the mozzarella.

Yes, this is truly a sad situation for the pizza-loving citizens of Chicago. People might even have to resort to using salty mozzarella substitutes for their pizza such as havarti or heaven forbid (gasp!) soy cheese. It's a grim situation. I just hope this tragedy will bring people together instead of drive them apart.

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A Quick Slice In Northern Ireland pizza made with Soda Bread is becoming popular, similar to a pizza bagel substituting traditional Soda Bread for the usual pizza base. Coloquially know as a "Paddy Pizza".

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