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Pizza #8: Cheesy the SnowmanPizza #8: Cheesy the Snowman
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Jane's Comeback
After a less-than-stellar debut effort, pizza superstar "jane.b" made a comeback with this excellent looking (and healthy) fellow.

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The Hormel Pepperoni Halloween Mega-Post!

Hormel is an American food company that makes... well, all sorts of stuff... but most importantly they make pepperoni. Their main web site is an excellent resource for pizza recipes and food ideas and they've gone all-out for Halloween this year on their pepperoni web site. (Any company that would dedicate an entire web site to pepperoni is okay in my books!)

A scary spread

Now before I get into details let me say up front that we don't have any kind of sponsorship deal with Hormel (or anyone for that matter!). These reviews are totally independent. And with this many incredible ideas on one site, it absolutely deserves a special posting. Read on to see what I mean...

Ghosty Toastys Ghosty Toastys
Pretty basic idea: take a piece of toast and top with pepperoni. Then cutout a ghost in the shape of a cheese slice and decorate the eyes with peppers. It's a great effect and simple enough that it would be easy for kids to make. However it's not truly pizza: it's on toast, lacks sauce and the cheese isn't melted at all. 5/10 for this ghostly guy.

Fang Food Fang Food
Take one half of an English muffin, add sauce and a slice of American cheese. Then use pepperoni, peppers and green olives to create a vampire's face. Like "Ghosty Toasty" above, this would make a great family thing to do and the portion is a perfect snack-size. It's a bit closeer to being a true pizza, merely lacking an authentic crust. 6/10 for this spooky snack.

Pizza Pumpkin Pizza Pumpkin
Here we have another half of an English muffin topped with pizza sauce. For this face you cut some American cheese into shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth and use a pice of green onion for the stem. Then you top the cheese with corresponding shapes cut out of pepperoni. Another 6/10 for this simple treat.

Igor Edibles Igor Edibles
Another easy one: half a loaf of french bread topped with tomato sauce. Mozzarella as the base for the face, pepperoni for hair and mouth, peppers for bolts and black olive half-slices for eyes. Pretty much the same deal as "Fang Food", but not quite a cool looking. This guy looks kind glum. 5/10

Dracula Delights Dracula Delights
Here we go! The best of both "Igor Edibles" and "Fang Food" all in one! French bread and sauce, cut a face shape from mozarella and then make the cape and hair from pepperoni. Olives, peppers and chives for the finishing touches. 7/10 for this creepy creation.

Scaredy-Cat Pizza Scaredy-Cat Pizza
Wow! Now we're getting into the more elaborate ideas. To make this frightening feline, you start with a pre-baked pizza shell and you cut a small circle out of one side. This circle becomes the cat's head. You cover the whole thing with sauce and mozzarella then decorate with pepperoni, green and black olives and peppers. After baking, garnish with celery for the tail and whiskers. Creative and amazing, and a true pizza with all the trimmings (and a smile): 10/10!
Petrifying Piranha Pizza Petrifying Piranha Pizza
Here we have tortilla serving as the crust. Cut to a fishy shape, add sauce and cheese first then cover in pepperoni. Use sliced cheddar cheese and swiss cheese to add detail to the eyes, tail and fins. Use olives for the pupil and spots. Bake and serve on top of some spinach leaves with some additonal sliced cheese for teeth. This pizza looks very cool... and a tortilla is a nice, thin crust, but you require something underneath to see the teeth, which is kind of gimmicky even for a pizza in the shape of a fish! 9/10
Peppy Pumpkin Pizza Peppy Pumpkin Pizza
A standard pizza crust (shaped slightly), lots of sauce and cheese, detailed with pepperoni and peppers. Chunk of green pepper for the stem. 8/10 for this pizza that certainly tastes as good as it looks.

Night Owl Night Owl
Here's another simple idea that's perfect for kids at Halloween. Just a cracker topped with pepperoni, olives, and sour cream. Looks cute, but it's not really a pizza at all, still it gets a 1/10 just because it's so cool.
Fright Bite Fright Bite
Rectangular cracker, pepperoni face, green onion hair, mushroom caps and green olives for the eyeballs and mouth. Like "Night Owl" this little guy isn't really a pizza but still gets a 1/10 for the expression on his face.

Hormel did a killer job on this web site. If all these great ideas don't give you some inspiration for your next pizza project, I don't know what will!

Have a scary (and safe) Halloween!

Click here to visit the Hormel Pepperoni web site for yourself!

This find is courtesy of The Big Cheese

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