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Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #2: Vern's PizzaPizza #2: Vern's Pizza
Our first-ever perfect score! Vern's delivered a magnificent and hefty happy face pizza that garnered a perfect 10/10.

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A Screamin' Slice
The Hannibal Lecter of pizza slices may have only merited a measly 1/10, but it still has to be seen in high res to be appreciated...

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Pizza Links & Resources

About Pizza - We've had their link in our sidebar for a long, long time now. A great general pizza resource.

Chachich's Japanese Pizza Page - This page has been floating around the net for years. Rather than look at the culinary potential of Japanese-style pizza, this sky simply mocks it and calls Japanese pizza "an abomination for mankind".

Dairy Council of California - "My Very Own... PIZZA" is a great little sitelet aimed at kids which helps to teach them about pizza history and nutrition. It also has a fantastic Flash-based "Make a Pizza" online game where you can select all of the toppings for your virtual pizza and learn more about them. Great job!

    Domino's India - Great selection of vegetarian pizzas. (Check out the khasta kebab... mmm...)
    Domino's USA- Meh... pepperoni and cheese. Nothing special.

Encyclopizza - A comprehensive guide to the art of making pizza, including a variety of dough and sauce recipes. Run by a fellow named John Correl, who apparently makes good pizza despite looking like your creepy neighbor.

Erdoboy - Erdoboy may very well be the mortal enemy of The Big Cheese. Erdoboy has gone through the trouble of indexing Japanese pizza restaurants online and even ranked a bunch of their food. However, he pretty much hates anything that isn't a standard American-style pizza. Ignore the negativity: check out this site for creative ideas for pizza toppings!

Happy Happy Pizza - The single greatest happy face pizza web site this world has ever known. The whole internet was invented for a site like this. (Seriously.) Those guys at Intel keep developing faster processors to keep up with the demand people have for this site. (We're not kidding!) It's run by a guy who goes by the name of "The Big Cheese". Rumour has it that "The Big Cheese" is handsome and debonaire with a piercing wit, easy charm and thick, luxurious hair. (Okay, that part we made up.)

Papa John's
    Papa John's USA - More inventive than your typical commerical fare.

Pizza Hut
    Pizza Hut Singapore - Such incredible and inventive pizzas! You have to visit this site!
    Pizza Hut India - A fantastic menu of vegetarian and Indian-style chicken pizzas.
    Pizza Hut USA
    Pizza Hut UK - Basically like the American stuff, only more expensive.
    Pizza Hut Canada
    Pizza Hut Australia

Pizza Joints - A pizza restaurant locator that includes reviews. Useful except that: a) it's only for the USA and b) the vast majority of the restaurants have a 10/10 score, which makes the ratings kind of useless.

Pizza Maniac - This dude makes a mean homemade slice. Too bad he updates his site less often than we do!

Pizza Therapy - Hands down the most butt-ugly pizza web site ever created my man or monkey. However, despite it's grotesque appearance and near-unreadable copy, Google's search algorithm loves this site and it's a top ten for nearly any general pizza search.

Slice NY - Since people from New York are generally full of themselves, they of course have their own pizza blog. If you're going to New York for business or pleasure, be sure to check out this blog first so know where to get the best pizza in the Big Apple.

ThingsAsian - If you've tried Googling the words "happy pizza" hoping to find this site then chances are that you've had to sift through a dozen or so sites related to asian pizzas in Cambodia, etc that are loaded with marijuana. If you really think that narcotics make a good pizza topping then "ThingsAsian" might be where you want to go. Enjoy.

More links to come...

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A Quick Slice In Australia, a commonly sold style is the Aussie pizza, which is topped with ham, bacon, cheese and egg. "Hawaiian pizza" (ham and pineapple) is the most popular topping combination in Australia, accounting for 20 percent of all sales.

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