Happy Happy Pizza! Cheese = Love. Remember that people! 
Happy Happy Pizza!

smilies eating pizza

Mystery Pizza Faces from Asia!Mystery Pizza Faces from Asia!
Who are they? Where did they come from? A messed-up e-mail and the word Pizza Express are the only clues.

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Meat Mouth
This baked ziti in a pizza bowl crust hails from Tucson, Arizona. The chefs got creative with putting the doggie bag together and this was the result!

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Flickr Find: Mr. Sausage Balls

quick n' happy... the goatee is a nice touch We're not certain if "I M A BZ B" made this pizza herself, or if she merely bore witness to someone else's pizza genius and decided to photograph this pizza for posterity.

In any case, it's been made and photographed and therefore deserves to be scrutinized by The Big Cheese!

Looks like a store-bought pizza crust topped with tomato sauce devoid of additional spices such as basil of thyme. Spice isn't for everyone so that we can forgive. Pepperoni eyes are now becoming standrd issue at Happy Happy Pizza. Mozzarella for hair and a goatee are fine, and the abundance of spicy sausage balls that make up this character's pupils, nose and mouth earn him the nickname "Mr. Sausage Balls"!

Frankly, we don't see nearly enough sausage balls on pizzas nowadays. They're one of those toppings that just doesn't get any love on modern pizza menus. And speaking of love, where is the love on this pizza ?! It is a simple equation: cheese = love. This pizza looks cute in his pre-bake photo, but 80% of his surface area is simply sauce and crust... blech! With no cheese to adhere the sausage balls to the pizza base, as soon as you pick up a slice all of the little sausage balls will roll off the pizza and splat on the floor, leaving you depressed as you stand in the kitchen holding a naked slice of pizza with little spicy, tomatoey, sausagey splats all over the linoleum at your feet. It's a truly morbid concept.

Because of that, and becuase we are lacking a post-bake photo to see the final result, Mr. Sausage Balls only gets a 2/10. The concept was good, it just needed more cheese!

Thanks to "I M A BZ B" for sharing your happy face pizza on flickr!

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This find is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice In New Mexico, green chile is often used as a pizza topping, especially in combination with pepperoni or on supreme pizze. This is uncommon elsewhere.

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