Happy Happy Pizza! So much talent. We can only hope she uses it for good instead of evil. 
Happy Happy Pizza!

smilies eating pizza

Pizza #6: Sammy's PizzaPizza #6: Sammy's Pizza
Samerah, Ria and Randa from this Calgary, Alberta pizza restaurant made the prettiest donair pizza you've ever seen.

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Where's the Cheese?
Another pizza from Brisbane, this one from "jane.b" who for some reason caused a chain-reaction of fantastic pizzas from Australia.

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Flickr Find: Prodigious Pizza

a pizza prodigy?
I'm sure that when Patrick & Kate Campbell posted this happy face pizza to their flickr set tagged "pizza party" that they didn't expect to be featured alongside the world-class cheesy creations on Happy Happy Pizza.

Now to be fair, at first glance you might wonder the same thing. If you look at the pizza itself you might think, "Meh, it's alright but where's the pizzaz*?"
* "pizzaz" is a word that just isn't used often enough in regular conversation, dontcha think?

And that's where I'd like to draw your attention to the cute little girl on the left sprinkling cheese on that pizza. If that cute kid is the sole creative genius behind that pizza then she'll be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years as she matures and hones her pepperoni-placement skills.

The verdict: 8/10. Now before you send me hate mail for not giving this cute kid a perfect score let me justify my judgement. First of all, The Big Cheese is a softie and this pizza automatically get 5 points because it was made by a little kid. But... from what I can tell from this picture this pizza could definitely benefit from a bit more cheese, plus although we do have a face here, he looks more "slightly amused" than "happy". I'm sure that this little girl has many more pizza parties in her future where she'll have the chance to exercise her culinary creativity and come up with new pizza designs that'll eventually earn her that elusive perfect 10.

Thanks to Patrick & Kate Campbell for sharing your pizza party on flickr!

Click here for the Campbell's "pizza party" set on flickr!

This find is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice In Ghana, pizza is widely available and is served at many restaurants.

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