Happy Happy Pizza! I swear I can see a mischieveous gleam in that olive eye. 
Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #8: Cheesy the SnowmanPizza #8: Cheesy the Snowman
The Big Cheese gives a few step-by-step instructions on how to make a snowman-shaped pizza. Try it yourself!

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Jane's Comeback
After a less-than-stellar debut effort, pizza superstar "jane.b" made a comeback with this excellent looking (and healthy) fellow.

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Got a smiley pizza? Send your photos and story to The Big Cheese and we'll post it on the site!

Flickr Find: Brisbane Bombardment!

handsome and tasty
So no sooner had I sat down to post an update with may latest Christmas creation when an email came in from Australia:
So not to be outdone by my fellow Brisbane pizza makers, I whipped up another Happy Happy Pizza tonight.

Homemade base; tomato paste (store bought); mushroom and bacon hair; salami eyes, eyebrows, ears and mouth; olive eye and mouth detail. And cheese, of course.
The message was from none other than David de Groot who, as you may recall, was the artist behind the famous fungus face who earned a not-too-shabby 8/10.

I nearly dropped my slice of pizza in excitement and quickly clicked the link to see what David came up with and as you can see by the photos above he managed to design a handsome yet tasty-looking face with a bit of extra character.

Notice how despite the fact that the cheese is well-browned and the facial features totally shifted during baking that the face retains it's overall character and expression. All of that plus a homemade base earns "Handsome & Tasty" a much-coveted 10/10!!! Congratulations!

I've been asked a lot of weird questions about this site. Generally people either "get it" or they don't. David definitely does, as you can tell from his description on flickr:
So I made pizzas for dinner tonight and just couldn't not make a happy happy pizza.

See? That's what it's all about. A bit of fun, a bit of art, and some tasty results!

You can visit the de Groot family web site here.

Click here to check out this handsome face in higher resolution on flickr!

This find is courtesy of David de Groot

A Quick Slice White pizza (pizza bianca) uses no tomato sauce, often substituting pesto or dairy products such as sour cream. Most commonly, the toppings consist only of mozzarella and ricotta cheese. In Rome, the term pizza bianca refers to a type of bread topped only with olive oil.

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