Happy Happy Pizza! I think Mr. Splatface is my favorite. 
Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #10: Spider-Man PizzaPizza #10: Spider-Man Pizza
Is it Spider-Man? A Power Ranger? If nothing else it's great idea for a birthday party! Find out how to make a Spider-Man pizza yourself!

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A Smile from Chicago
A 20-year-old culinary student crafted this grinning pepperoni and sausage pizza from the windy city. I wonder if he's graduated yet?

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Flickr Find: The Saunderses Do It Again!

Olive eyes The Saunderses of Brisbane, Australia have made good on their promise and delivered a trio of magnificent creations that all appear to have the requisite amount of cheese and originality to warrant a detailed review of their work.

For those of you dedicated readers who may recall, it was on the Saunderses flickr stream that we originally found Mr. Bugeyes, who acheived an impressive 9/10 rating and set the bar for amateur pizzas from Australia's east coast.

Since we have three pizzas to cover, let's get right to the ratings. First we have "Olive Eyes" (pictured above), a creation by the Saunderses themselves. What's cool about this guy is that if you didn't know it was intentional you might think it was an act of the pizza gods that the pizza ended up with this face. It also looks like quite a tasty pizza with lots of veggies distributed all over the crust. However it also kind of looks like something from a Clive Barker novel. I can imagine that if you were driving in a car with no seatbelt on and had a head-on collision and you slammed face-first into the windsheild with your tongue sticking out that you might end up looking something like this pizza does. I think "Olive Eyes" shall hereby be known as "Mr. Splatface". 7/10

The Mexican
Here we have "Mexican", which was created by Wade using lots of anchovies. Now before we critique this pizza let me say to our Mexican readers that the appearance of this pizza is by no means meant to represent all people from Mexico, but apparently a single person from that great country who has an enourmous moustache and equally impressive unibrow. So please do not take offense at this pizza being dubbed "Mexican". After all, have you ever seen a Hawaiian pizza that looked like anyone from Hawaii? Didn't think so.

Again, this is another tasty looking pizza with lots of veggies. There isn't much cheese, but I suppose not all pizzas have to be dripping in it. -1 for a lack of cheese, +1 for an abundance of anchovies (a brave choice!) and +1 for naming the pizza "Mexican". This wins 6/10 and an official renaming from "Mexican" to the more politically-correct "Chavo Anchovy".

And finally we have "Basil!" created by Jess using what looks like the bare essentials: tomato sauce, some peppers (and onions?), some cheese and some basil pesto and peppers for facial features. What's interesting here is how the pizza looks like a cocksure little bugger in his pre-bake photo on the left, but it looks like the baking took the fire out of him and he doesn't look so condifent with his cheese all melted like that. Sometimes simple is best. 7/10 for this guy and no name change is required.

All in all these are great-looking pizzas and I'm sure they were enjoyed by all. Thanks to Daniel for sending these in and extra-thanks for placing the before and after shots in the same jpeg! Cheers!

Check out the original pics on flickr:
Olive Eyes

This find is courtesy of Daniel Saunders

A Quick Slice In Oneonta, New York, a specialty type of pizza served is known as "cold cheese pizza". It is basically an ordinary pie, or slice, but after being taken out of the oven, cold mozzerella cheese is piled on top of the hot cheese.

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