Happy Happy Pizza! Oh, so close! If only we had a post-bake photo! 
Happy Happy Pizza!

smilies eating pizza

Happy & Emo Pizza FacesHappy & Emo Pizza Faces
One happy, one sad. These twin pizzas hail from San Fancisco where they served as models in a photoshoot on children and cooking.

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Big Sausage Pizza
This sausage-laden delight from Vancouver, Canada lost critical points for lacking a post-bake photo. Don't let this happen to you!

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Flickr Find: Jane.B's Slightly Cheesy Revenge!

Jane and attempt #2... can she get a perfect score?!
So as I sat down at my computer this evening I nearly dropped the slice of (happy happy) pizza I was munching on when I read this message in my flickr inbox...
:: I have bought some cheese.

You'll be pleased to hear that I have bought some cheese and invented a happy and healthy 10/10 pizza man.

I've uploaded his portrait so make sure you check it out!

Thanks, jane.b
Holy smokes! Could this be the jane.b who not more than few days ago scored a measly 1/10? I had to find out...

yup, it's her... how many jane.bs are there making happy pizzas you dorkball?! Question: Is this really jane.b?
Answer: Yes, it's her all right.

Question: Is this "jane.b" person your sister/wife/daughter/neighbor?
Answer: Umm... no. And please stop sending me emails about this you weird, weird people. I don't know jane.b and she does not know me. Plus I don't think she's old enough to be married to anybody so back off people!

Question: Is it true that jane.b is a celebrity in Japan?
Yes, it's true! We had a massive spike (over 3000%!) in our traffic from Japan immediately after posting Jane's first pizza, including a tonne of referrals from mixi.jp. Jane's pizzas certainly have appeal in Japan. Thank you very much, Japanese happy happy pizza fans!

Question: So come on man, does this girl get a perfect score or what?!
Answer: Okay, okay let's get down to the nitty gritty.

So Jane is a girl with a lot of guts. We challenged her with our initial post to create a pizza with some cheeziness, in fact a pizza with any cheese at all. Now judging by her message, Jane is a health-conscious young lady who is very aware of just how many grams of fat is in a cheese-laden pizza so she opted instead to craft a pizza that was both esthetically pleasing and healthy as well.

If I am not mistaken we are looking at a dough covered in a combination of both tomato sauce and pesto (possibly just diced basil, parsely and olive oil?) with blobs of cheese for a nose and eyes and olives for a smile and pupils. Two slivers of pepperoni serve as cheeks or possibly ears, and finally some shredded mozzarella for hair. All-in-all a wonderful-looking pizza. And that brings me to my unfortunate conclusion...

See, this pizza had all the makings of a perfect score with only one exception: the lack of a post-bake photo. See, it's easy to create a handsome face with raw ingredients, but it's how that face stands up to the baking process that is the true test of a happy happy pizza artist.

And that is why after much deliberation I'm going to have to give jane.b a 9/10. Of course, if she posts a lovely post-bake photo on her flickr stream I'll gladly give her the extra point. Otherwise she'll have to give it another shot at acheiving happy happy pizza perfection.

Check out Jane's photo stream (and dig the cool pinky drop shadow effect... I'm a Photoshop ninja, yo!)
Now if you're reading this jane.b, please don't fret. You have become such a sensation on this web site that we're giving you your own URL: www.happyhappypizza.com/jane.b/

I you ever get the urge to create that perfect 10/10 or send in that post-bake photo then we'll post it to your page! In fact, we'll post pretty much any pizza you make. You're a talented photographer and a true happy happy culinary artist. Keep up the good work!

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Click here to check out the flickr stream of Jane's mum Louise.
This find is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice In Northern Ireland pizza made with Soda Bread is becoming popular, similar to a pizza bagel substituting traditional Soda Bread for the usual pizza base. Coloquially know as a "Paddy Pizza".

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