Happy Happy Pizza! Should I really be handing out points for including photos of cute witches?! 
Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #2: Vern's PizzaPizza #2: Vern's Pizza
Our first-ever perfect score! Vern's delivered a magnificent and hefty happy face pizza that garnered a perfect 10/10.

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A Screamin' Slice
The Hannibal Lecter of pizza slices may have only merited a measly 1/10, but it still has to be seen in high res to be appreciated...

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Jack o' Lantern Pizza from Wanda the Witch

Sure, she can work a cauldron, but how's her pizza? Believe it or not, Hallowe'en is just around the corner and if you're not already thinking about what kind of amazing pizza you're going to make then guess what: your party is gonna suck big time.

Thankfully there are good witches like Wanda the Witch who have been versed in the secretive, magical art of crafting happy face pizzas. According to Hallowe'en Kitchen, the official web site of Wanda the Witch, most of her recipes "have been around for decades, if not centuries", so we certainly weren't expecting anything groundbreaking. However, this chick is a witch (and kind of cute), so we figure that if anyone would know how to make a proper Hallowe'en pizza a real witch would, right?!

Wanda the Witch has a kid-friendly recipe... but will it make the cut?

Having a hard time feeding the troops of little ghouls before they go out to Trick or Treat? Planning a party, but can't think of a cute food idea? Try my Jack O' Lantern pizza! This is a great recipe to keep the kids happy and feeding them before they go out treat hunting will keep them from eating anything until you can check out their candy first ... and get first pick of all the good stuff!

Or, whip up a couple for your Halloween party table. I use a Jack O' Lantern cookie sheet to make the pizza on and add some touches to give it a real look. I hope you enjoy my Jack-O-Lantern pizza as much as I do! Tastes great, too!
(full recipe here)

Well, it's simple and it's smiling. Heck, it even looks like an actual pumpkin! It's not the most original concept (we saw better from Hormel Pepperoni last year), but it is well done and easy that even a happy face pizza novice could pull this off with little difficulty.

Ready-made dough, pre-shredded cheese... this is your classic build-it-at-home pizza. The only stumbling block with the whole concept is that you need to own a pumpkin-shaped baking pan to have your results turn out as nicely as Wanda's.

The verdict? Quality execution earns 5 points, having an actual witch bake it gets another point. Including photos of each step of preparation plus a picture of the cute witch about to enjoy a slice gets one final point. 7/10 for this great lil' Jack o' Lantern from Wanda the Witch.

Visit the official web site of Wanda the Witch here and check out this pizza recipe and other great recipes for Hallowe'en!

This find is courtesy of Harriet from Texas (thanks, Harriet!)

A Quick Slice In Argentina pizzas have no more than two toppings, and lots of mozzarella cheese, usually 250 g per pizza (32 cm diameter).

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