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Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #6: Sammy's PizzaPizza #6: Sammy's Pizza
Samerah, Ria and Randa from this Calgary, Alberta pizza restaurant made the prettiest donair pizza you've ever seen.

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Where's the Cheese?
Another pizza from Brisbane, this one from "jane.b" who for some reason caused a chain-reaction of fantastic pizzas from Australia.

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Creative Pizza Ideas from Geronimo Stilton

The Geronimo Stilton Cookbook So the other day I was browsing through the kids' book section of my local bookstore with my son when I came across this fantastic cookbook: The Geronimo Stilton Cookbook: Fun recipes for parents and kids to cook together. One look at the cover and I knew that this would quickly become an essential resource in my happy face pizza library.

This book is packed with great ideas for more than just pizza. There are tips for parents and kids, plus lots of bits of encouragement for children to use their imaginations and get creative in the kitchen. For example, here's a blurb from the introduction:
Imagine what you can do!
Holey cheese — there are so many wonderful things that you can create in the kitchen! And by cooking yummy food, you can also express your creativity. If you look at all the things in your kitchen ... they make up a kind of laboratory where you can wash, slice, cook, and transform different foods into vegetable boats, colorful clown pizzas, and happy-face cookies! ...

Of course, the thing we care about on Happy Happy Pizza is the happy face pizza recipes and luckily this cookbook includes FIVE great recipes. We won't go into the gory details of the recipes, you can find the book yourself for that. Instead, we'll take a look at the fantastic photos as inspiration for your next pizza creation.

Trap's Clowning Around Pizza Trap's Clowning Around Pizza
  • mozzarella cheese as the base for the mouth and ears
  • red bell peppers for lips, bowtie and eyebrows
  • zucchini for eyes and hair
  • cherry tomatoes for cheeks
  • pitted green olives for pupils, a nose and button
They make an excellent recommendation with all the pizza recipes in this book: apply sauce to the crust and bake until golden, then remove and allow to cool 5 minutes before applying toppings and baking for an additional 5 minutes. An excellent idea because this way you won't destroy the face by having the topping overcook in order to bake the crust.

The Mouse Ran Up the Clock Pizza The Mouse Ran Up the Clock Pizza
  • mozzarella and fontina or Muenster cheese for the clock points
  • cooked hot dogs for clock points and for the hands of the clock
  • pitted black olives for clock points
  • red bell pepper for clock points
Yes, this is not a true happy face pizza, but it is a face pizza: the face of a clock! Also, the idea is supremely creative so I couldn't leave it out of the review.

Geronimo's Fraidy Cat Pizza Geronimo's Fraidy Cat Pizza
  • mozzarella cheese for eyes and the nose base
  • mushroom slices for ears
  • cooked hot dogs for a nose tip and whiskers
  • pitted black olives for pupils
  • red bell pepper and green olive for the mouth
A cute cartoon face with excellent expression. A great idea for eyes that can certainly be used in a variety of ways (say, for a Bart or Homer Simpson pizza, perhaps?).

Thea's Rowdy Rabbit Pizz Thea's Rowdy Rabbit Pizza
  • mozzarella cheese for the base of the eyes and cheeks
  • cooked carrot slices foir eyes and tongue
  • chives for whiskers
  • cooked broccoli florets for hair
  • pitted black olives for pupils
  • cherry tomato for a nose
Extremely cute idea and original use of carrots and broccoli on a pizza. Not sure if many children would want to eat a pizza that contained these ingredients and yet lacked an abundance of cheese. Still, the ideas are great.

'Hoot if You Like Owls' Pizza "Hoot if You Like Owls" Pizza
  • cooked broccoli florets for "hair"
  • hard-boiled egg slices for the eyes
  • pitted green olives for pupils
  • cooked hot dogs for eyebrows
  • feta or drained ricotta for the owl's feathers
  • red Italian frying peppers for the beak and mouth
To me this pizza looks more like a guy with an afro and a white beard than an owl, but it still looks fantastic! They also took a risk by not using any mozzarella on this pizza.

So there you have it: one great book and five great ideas for creative pizzas. I'll award The Geronimo Stilton Cookbook a well-deserved 9/10 for showcasing some great ideas related to the culinary art of crafting happy pizzas. The Big Cheese recommends that you look for it at your local bookstore!

You can visit the official Geronimo Stilton website here.

This find is courtesy of The Big Cheese

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