Happy Happy Pizza! It's a battle between Pepperoni vs. Veggie... who will REIGN SUPREME?! (cue Iron Chef music) 
Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #2: Vern's PizzaPizza #2: Vern's Pizza
Our first-ever perfect score! Vern's delivered a magnificent and hefty happy face pizza that garnered a perfect 10/10.

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A Screamin' Slice
The Hannibal Lecter of pizza slices may have only merited a measly 1/10, but it still has to be seen in high res to be appreciated...

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Recipe: A Double-whammy from Kraft Foods

Ah Kraft Foods, that wonderful company that brought us such wondrous things as Cheez Whiz and the Canadian food staple Kraft Dinner have delivered not one but two quick and easy recipes for happy face pizzas. What we have here folks are two good recipes, two great photos, and a challenge. Which pizza will win: pepperoni or vegetarian? Vegetarian vs. Non-vegetarian: who will reign supreme?

Let's take a closer look at the recipes. First up is the pepperoni pizza:
Happy Face Pizza
6 sticks (1 oz. each) KRAFT STRING-UMS String Cheese
1 prebaked Italian pizza crust (12 inch)
1/2 cup pizza sauce
14 slices OSCAR MAYER Pepperoni

PREHEAT oven to 450°F. Pull string cheese into thin strips. Spread pizza crust with sauce; top with cheese.
ARRANGE pepperoni slices on top of pizza to resemble a smiling face.
BAKE 10 to 14 minutes or until cheese is melted. Cut into 8 slices to serve.

And next we have the veggie:
Veggie Pizza Face
1 TOMBSTONE Original Extra Cheese Pizza (12 inch)
2 slices tomato
1 small green pepper, cut into thin strips
3 mushrooms, sliced

PREHEAT oven as directed on pkg.
TOP pizza with vegetables to form a "face." Create "eyes" with tomato slices. Use green pepper strips to form "hair" and a triangular "nose." Use mushroom slices to form a "mouth" and "eyeballs."
BAKE as directed on pkg.

Now onto the verdict! Both recipes have their merits. They're both simple enough that you can throw them together with your kids on short notice and either would be perfect for an activity for a birthday party or a sleepover. Technically, the pepperoni pizza could also be made vegetarian by substituting Oscar Meyer pepperoni with a vegetarian pepperoni substitute such as Yves Veggie Pepperoni. (Not that Kraft would promote another company's products in their recipe, I'm just sayin' it's possible.)

Now don't get us wrong, we think the pepperoni happy face pizza is a classic (does it look familiar?), but one look at the photo of the vegetarian pizza and you can tell more went into its design. I mean: we have eyebrows, ears and hair made of green peppers and mushroom slices. Not to mention that in the photo our vegetarian pizza seems to be optimistically looking into the future, perhaps dreaming of a utopian age where all pizzas are adorned with creative happy faces.

While both pizza recipes get an instant 5 points for being easy and family-friendly, the veggie pizza edges out the pepperoni for creativity and expression. The final score: Pepperoni 7/10, Veggie 8/10.

You can see "Veggie Pizza Face" on the Kraft web site here.
"Happy Face Pizza" (the inspiration for our logo) can be found here.

This find is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice The Japanese dish okonomiyaki is occasionally referred to in English as "Japanese pizza", although its ingredients, preparation method, and taste are substantially different from traditional pizza.

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