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Happy Happy Pizza!

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Mystery Pizza Faces from Asia!Mystery Pizza Faces from Asia!
Who are they? Where did they come from? A messed-up e-mail and the word Pizza Express are the only clues.

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Meat Mouth
This baked ziti in a pizza bowl crust hails from Tucson, Arizona. The chefs got creative with putting the doggie bag together and this was the result!

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Weird Asian Guy + Giant Pizza = Postworthy

I'm glad we can't see what's under the table! Here is yet another big pizza, this time from St. Louis. Unfortunately, once again I don't have the name or location of the restaurant, nor the identity of the guy at the table. It's 3 feet across and apparently the restaurant will pay you $500 if you can finish it.

Now since our primary concern at Happy Happy Pizza is the glory and wonder of pizza and the art of creating pizza, first I'll comment on the pie in question. Right off the bat the pizza gets a 1/10 because despite the fact that it's 3 feet across they only bothered to put a dozen pieces of pepperoni on there! What a ripoff! Then they filled-up the middle of the pizza with a few handfuls of mushroom and what looks like 5 pounds of the most barftastically pink and globby processed "bacon/ham product". What a disappointment. Overall, there is a basic rule for making giant pizzas: the bigger the pizza, the more toppings you should put on (duh!)

Okay, now something has to be said for the guy in the photo.

Is he having an orgasm? That seems to be a popular comment but I think it's unlikely. I mean, we can clearly see that both his hands are on the table and clasping utensils.

Is he asleep? Kind of looks like it, but you'd think the stench of all that ground-up pig and dog meat on that pizza would wake him up.

Is he dead? C'mon, what kind of people would drag their dead friend to a restaurant just to photograph him with a giant pizza? Wouldn't they at least smoosh his face in it or something?

Is he cutting the cheese? BINGO! Letting a big one rip before eating is standard etiquitte amongst the elite giant-pizza-eating crowd. This dude probably eats one or two of these things every weekend just for the $500 paycheque. It's only common sense that he'd release a big, colon-cleansing gas bomb before chowing down.

Well, I think it's been too long since we've had a proper HAPPY pizza on the home page. Look for a new smile coming soon.

This discovery is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice In New Mexico, green chile is often used as a pizza topping, especially in combination with pepperoni or on supreme pizze. This is uncommon elsewhere.

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