Happy Happy Pizza! You let me down, Big Poppa... 
Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #8: Cheesy the SnowmanPizza #8: Cheesy the Snowman
The Big Cheese gives a few step-by-step instructions on how to make a snowman-shaped pizza. Try it yourself!

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Jane's Comeback
After a less-than-stellar debut effort, pizza superstar "jane.b" made a comeback with this excellent looking (and healthy) fellow.

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Got a smiley pizza? Send your photos and story to The Big Cheese and we'll post it on the site!

A Happy Papa John's

A Big Shout-out to Papa John's!

This may not be an official "Happy Happy Pizza", since no-one sent this in, but I soon as I saw the flyer I knew I had to scan this in and post it. Behold the glory of the Papa John's smiling pizza!

Now before I continue I should point out that this site is not sponsored by Papa John's and noone has paid me to post this. But c'mon.... a smiling pizza grinning back at me from my kitchen counter... I couldn't resist...

Now with that said I'm going to have to critique this pizza and give it a measly 1/10. You see, although I can appreciate the marketing genius behind putting a smile on a pizza, this one is very misleading since it is nothing more than a face Photoshopped onto a normal cheese pizza. I mean, with the options they have for kid's pizzas you couldn't even make this face!

Just imagine the gloomy look on your child's face when they rush to the door, smiley-face flyer clutched in their little hands just waiting for the box to open only to discover to their horror and dismay that they are only getting a plain-jane run-of-the-mill Papa John's kids pizza. No mushroom nose. No green pepper eyebrows. No smile. I mean, there's like a 99% chance your child will be scarred for life and develop some kind of pizza phobia...

Do you really want the guilt of that on your conscience? Of course not!

So my mission to those of you considering taking up Papa John's on their "Kids eat free!" promotion is to be sure to request that your kids pizza has a smiley face on it. And even better, send the pictures to us!
This discovery is courtesy of The Big Cheese

A Quick Slice White pizza (pizza bianca) uses no tomato sauce, often substituting pesto or dairy products such as sour cream. Most commonly, the toppings consist only of mozzarella and ricotta cheese. In Rome, the term pizza bianca refers to a type of bread topped only with olive oil.

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