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Happy Happy Pizza!

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Pizza #8: Cheesy the SnowmanPizza #8: Cheesy the Snowman
The Big Cheese gives a few step-by-step instructions on how to make a snowman-shaped pizza. Try it yourself!

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Jane's Comeback
After a less-than-stellar debut effort, pizza superstar "jane.b" made a comeback with this excellent looking (and healthy) fellow.

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Got a smiley pizza? Send your photos and story to The Big Cheese and we'll post it on the site!

The Cheesy FAQ

Okay, so for the past year we at Happy Happy Pizza have received some interesting e-mail from you pizza-lovin' people out there... okay well, mainly we get a lot of weird spam messages from China but I digress...

So to answer your pressing questions we have finally posted the most spectacular... the most mind-bogglingly thorough... the FAQ-iest FAQ ever posted to any web site in the history of the internet.

So please kick back, grab a succulent slice of pizza and enjoy...

Can I buy a pizza? Do you deliver?
Happy Happy Pizza is NOT a pizza restaurant. We don't have a toll-free number. I'm not a chef. We don't deliver.
Well if you don't sell pizza then what's the point of this web site?
The mission of Happy Happy Pizza is to infiltrate the world's pizza consciousness and take the humble pizza pie to a whole new level with one simple idea: make every pizza smile.

In many parts of the world no person is more than a phone call away from hot, cheesy goodness of the world’s greatest food. Now while this is a good thing, at Happy Happy Pizza we think it could be even better. We think every single pizza place on Earth should offer a new pizza option: "with a smile."

We envision a future where all foods have happy faces on them... except maybe spaghetti.
Who is The Big Cheese?
The Big Cheese is an authoritative demi-god of culinary supremacy who rules over the domain of dough, parmesean, and zesty tomatoes where no other mortal being is fit to approach his magnificense... uh... magnifisence... ??? ... greatness!

Okay, okay... I'm a computer programmer from Canada. Married with one kid, two dogs and a cat. Oh, and I like pizza. And I guess I am pretty "big" but contrary to popular belief I am not actually made of cheese...

On second thought I like the demi-god thing better. Let's stick with that.
How can I get my pizza featured on this site?
I didn't make a pizza but I found one and want to review it...?
Hey, send it in! Just don't forget to also reference any URLs to the source of the pizza you've found (like if it's on a photo site or whatever). Leave the Photoshopping to us.
I own a pizza restaurant, how can I get on your site?
Simply follow the same process as anyone else would and e-mail your pictures in. The only difference would be that you should include the link to your restaurant's web site, your contact information, etc. so we can help spread the word about you! (And no, we don't charge for this.)

You'll be listed in our "Pro Pizzas" section and featured on the home page. check out the write-ups we've done for two pizza restaurants based in Calgary, Alberta: Sammy's World's Greatest Pizza and Vern's Pizza.

Obviously we can't rate you on taste, etc. if we're not there to do so. But why not make a small event of it? Gather some family, friends or regular customers together to rate and enjoy your happy faced efforts. Take some pictures of the event and include them!
I want to exchange links with you...?
How can I advertise on your site?
Happy Happy Pizza is updated regularly and we have a loyal and international following. If you are in a pizza-related business there are a few options for advertising on Happy Happy Pizza:

Google Ads - They've been a part of this site since day one. If you are familiar with the Google AdSense system you can specifically target this site.
Sponsorship - Want to sponsor the whole web site or just part of the site? Great!
Banner Ads - We are willing to consider banner advertising on a case-by-case basis. Our only rule is that it does not use pop-ups or other features that would interfere with our visitors' enjoyment of Happy Happy Pizza.
Paid Article - We can publish a paid article on your behalf, as long as it is determined to be relevant and interesting to our audience.

e-mail The Big Cheese and let me know if you'd like to advertise. I'm sure we can come to an arrangement.

Please note that we are not willing to post any advertising for pharmaceuticals, sketchy overseas wholesalers, gambling web sites, pornographic web sites, get-rich-quick scheme web sites or any similar stuff. Our visitors are our top priority and it's better to run the site with no advertising than with garbage. If you're a scammer, look elsewhere!
What's with the Google Ads on Happy Happy Pizza? Are you making millions of dollars off of my pizza photo?
The Google AdSense ads have always been a part of this web site, which was started as an experiment and case study using Google's AdSense and AdWords programs.

We try our best to adhere to best practices and always use the ads in a legitimate manner. It is not our intent to misdirect you to some web site of useless links! However, from time to time the ads will change or change position on the site as we continue to experiment with different options.

As for the final part of the question the answer would be "no". In fact, the Google ads don't even come close to covering the cost of maintaining and hosting this web site.
I'm a school teacher and I thought this might be a fun activity to do with my class...?
Say no more! We'd love you to send in your photos, your kid-written reviews, the works! As a class activity it's a great way to learn about nutrition, math, food science, etc. There are just a few things to consider first:
  1. Stay organized. There would be nothing worse than to go through the process of posting 30 kids pictures and 30 pizza pictures and then discovering they are in the wrong order!
  2. Get Permission. Laws vary country by country but the last thing we want to do at Happy Happy Pizza is violate anyone's rights. If you're going to be sending in pictures of children or a list of the children's names please follow your school or regional policy in that regard and clear everything with the children's parents first.
  3. Have fun! There's no limit to a child's imagination. Everyone should be able to have a good time, enjoy some tasty pizza... oh, and learn a little something too.

To ensure everything is a-okay we will send you a secret preview link to the feature before it goes live to the world for final approval. And don't worry, The Big Cheese isn't going to heartlessly bestow horrible ratings on a bunch of pizzas created by children! We'll ensure the experience becomes something fun and positive that the kids can look at while they're online.

If you'd like to do this then
e-mail me, the Big Cheese and let's get everything organized!
Now that you know what Happy Happy Pizza is all about
check out the latest pizzas or send us your best stuff!

A Quick Slice Quick Recipe: Pizza with Ham and Mushrooms: tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms.

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